anii-cum se calculeaza anii

anii-cum se calculeaza anii

1000 food                           – cheese steak jimmy’s 
1000 gold                           – robin hood 
1000 stone                          – rock on 
1000 wood                           – lumberjack 
Cobra car                           – how do you turn this on 
Control nature                      – natural wonders 
Destroy all opponents               – black death 
Fast building                       – aegis 
Flying dogs                         – woof woof 
Full map                            – marco
Instant loss                        – resign 
Instant victory                     – i r winner  Little monkey                       – furious the monkey boy 
No fog of war                       – polo 
Saboteur unit                       – to smithereens 
Suicide                             – wimpywimpywimpy 

Articolul precedentmesaje pentru iubire
Articolul următorfarse la telefon

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