Bhromor Koio Gia – Bhromor koio gia – versuri

Bhromor Koio Gia – Bhromor koio gia – versuri

O honeybee,
Go and tell Lord Krishna
Till the time I remember & see him
I do not feel good. My body is on fire.
Request Lord Krishna to keep me with him
Or else his Radha will die.
Honeybee, go & tell Lord Krishna.
O honeybee,
If I would have known that Lord Krishna will leave me
I would have divided my forehead in two parts
Whenever he would have opened it he would have listened to his Radha’s voice
O honeybee,
Please go and tell Lord Krishna
That the fire in Radha’s heart
Can only be doused if Lord Krishna
Comes and pays a visït.

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  1. frate google e bun deloc la traducere..ia dati copyy si dati paste akolo …sa vedeti ce da=)) o albine bla bla..:) tare mel:X:X


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